Ciao Cacao


The Michna family chocolate factory Ciao Cacao /:tʃao kakao:/ has been operating in Ostrava since 2019. The chocolate factory has won several international awards at major competitions of chocolate manufacturers. It produces the so-called bean-to-bar chocolate. This process involves production from raw cocoa beans to the chocolate bar. They will be happy to explain the production process to you in the store on Mariánské Square, where you can choose not only from a number of bar chocolates, but also from another assortment.

There is a 10% discount on purchases for OSTRAVACARD!!! holders.



Ciao CacaoCiao CacaoCiao CacaoCiao Cacao


Ciao Cacao

Dr. Maye 2021/6
Ostrava - Mariánské Hory

Phone: +420 777 900 301   


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