Silesian Ostrava castle

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The stone fortress from the 13th century is located within easy reach of the city centre and thus it is convenient to visit even if you only have limited time in Ostrava. All you have to do is walk from Černá Louka exhibition grounds along the pedestrian bridge over the Ostravice river, walk around its confluence with Lučina and you are already next to the stone castle, set in beautiful green area, which acquired its present form after the reconstruction in 2004.

Why to visit?

After the reconstruction, the Silesian Ostrava castle became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ostrava. Thanks to its location at the intersection of popular bike paths, the castle is destined to become a popular excursion place, offering visitors not only relaxation but also a peak into the history of Ostrava in its attractive exhibitions.

The complex itself is not overly large but it is carefully maintained and you can walk around the courtyard, castle fortress or the tower. The interiors offer exhibitions about the history of the castle, town and the entire region. It is also possible to see the castle with a guide – in June and September on weekends and in July and August throughout the entire week. Outside of these days it is possible to visit the area by yourself.

Castle as a place of culture

Thanks to the large courtyard area and the adjacent amphitheatre, the castle has become a great place for Ostrava to organize countless cultural and social events. You can enjoy many events, such as Majáles, Festival in the Streets, Summer Shakespeare Festival, Jazz Open, various fairs and, in winter, the traditional Bethlehem exhibition. So, if you are planning to visit, check the news section of the castle’s website and maybe an interesting event is taking place on the day of your visit.

Prolong your trip

A visit to the castle can be combined with a long walk around the Ostravice river and a visit to the large Komenského sady park. Or perhaps you can go on the Silesian Ostrava circular nature trail which goes right next to the castle. Alternatively, just take a short walk from Masaryk Square or take a bike path along the Ostravice river and use the Silesian Ostrava castle as a place for a short stop and rest.

Who to visit with?

You will not find many activities for small children in this area, but if you tell them something about history, the can certainly appreciate the visit. Adults and seniors will definitely enjoy the quiet area of the castle.

Concluding curiosities

  • Due to mining activities, this former seat of the nobles has sank by incredible 16 metres during its existence.
  • During the Second World War, the castle was damaged in the air bombing of Ostrava in 1944.

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Silesian Ostrava castle

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