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Landek hill is located on the confluence of Ostravice and Odra rivers and is only 280 meters high. Land-ecke, translated literally from German, means ‘the corner of the land’. Although it has not grown much in the ancient times, it has accumulated as many curiosities during its existence as few other sights in the Czech Republic and it offers many opportunities for tourists to delve deeper into the history of this mining region.

Have you ever taken a mining train?

Coal mining at Landek began as early as 1789, probably the first in the region, and continued until 1991. After the termination of mining, the area was preserved and transformed into the largest mining museum in the country. Today, you can visit the chain locker rooms, ride a small mining train, see the mining and rescue equipment and even take the mining cage lift down into the shaft like a real, proper miner.

Time before miners

The area of Landek held importance long before the discovery of black coal. In the 1920s, during the renovation of the tennis courts, an old archaeological site was discovered here – a settlement of mammoth hunters from the early Stone Age, approximately 30.000 years old. The famous Petřkovická Venuše was found here – a 4.5 centimetre high statuette of a woman, carved from hematite. She is unique because, unlike her colleagues (e.g. Věstonická Venuše) she is slim. The original statuette can be found in Brno, its enlarged replica stands on Landek, close to the exposition with mammoth and hunter statues.

Great place for a walk

The landmark does not end with mammoths and Venuše. The entire hill is covered with a rare deciduous forest and you can walk under the treetops of lindens, birches, oaks, hornbeams, maples and other beautiful trees. Some beeches are as old as 150 years. Nature enthusiasts will be excited to find many protected specimens of birds and beetles, if they are lucky enough to spot some. Their geologist colleagues will enjoy coal seams that rise all the way to the surface. Children can have fun in a mini ZOO or playgrounds. There is something for everyone in this charming corner of Ostrava

Prolong your trip

Despite it being a unique part of Ostrava, Landek is located quite close to the Přívoz district and it is not far from the city centre or the Heřmanice pond. In addition, the area is located on a cycle path along the Odra river, so you can easily grab a bike and go to Poodří Protected Landscape Area from there.

Who to visit with?

Everyone will appreciate Landek. Mothers with prams, children who love to stay and play outside, cyclists, adults interested in the history of the region. Seniors looking for some rest in the nature will also enjoy themselves.

Concluding curiosities

  • There are several legends about Landek. One of them is about a treasure hidden inside the hill and guarded by a mysterious creature.
  • There is also a wooden lookout tower located on top of the hill.


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Landek parkDůlní šachtaŘetízková šatnaLandek parkLandek parkDůlní šachtaŘetízková šatnaLandek park

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