Science and Technology Centre


On the surface of 14000 m2 you can visit four different Centres with permanent exhibition halls and one Centre which is designed for temporary exhibitions. The Centres include the Children’s World, World of Science and Discoveries, World of Civilization and World of Nature. The World of Nature is the largest in size – it takes up one floor and an outdoor garden. It also houses a 3D cinema and the Theatre of Science.

Learning and discovering by means of game and entertainment, without boring textbooks full of numbers and based on first-hand experience is what all the centres have in common. Visitors investigate how the human body works, take the time machine to travel to prehistory – the era of mammoths, learn what a rainbow or a storm is and much more.


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Science and Technology Centre

Vítkovice 3004
Ostrava – Vítkovice

Phone: +420 595 955 740   

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