Sladky casy cafe

Kavárny a čajovny

Desserts, cakes, cheesecakes, buns, muffins, strudels, cakes, honeysuckle, classic cookies, biscuits, gingerbread, meringues, coconuts, macaroons but also pancakes, apple crumble and of course home made ice cream.

Quiche, French toast, omelettes, scrambled eggs, spicy pancakes, Croque monsieur and Croque madame sandwiches and other savory pastries made of puff, short or sourdough dough and, last but not least, sandwiches and cold appetizers for your banquet.

It offers homemade lemonades, roasted or loose teas, coffee drinks, milkshakes, wine, mixed drinks, alcoholic beverages (specialties include Original Canadian Maple Liqueur and Crème de Cassis Le Duc Charmant) and also hot chocolate from the Ostrava company Aztec man.

You can find the second "Buchtárna" on Střední 1901/4 street.

There is a 10% discount on consumption for OSTRAVACARD!!! holders. 


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Sladky casy cafe

28. října 220/51
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Phone: +420 605 463 821   


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