Laura Coffee - kafeZOO

Kavárny a čajovny

A caravan with delicious coffee and small snacks in the middle of the ZOO can be found next to the Na statku exhibition. According to the highest standards, they will prepare a cappuccino or lungo with you. For children, they have cocoa or hot chocolate from the chocolate factory.

Laura Coffee is an Ostrava family roastery founded by Ivo Ptáčník and named after his older daughter. It started in 2012 as a small local roastery. It roasts only 100% arabica. With its love, passion and joy for coffee, it has become a popular brand. In addition to its own cafés (kafeHrabůvka, kafeBistro Hrabová, kafeKostka Svinov, kafeZOO in the Ostrava Zoo), it supplies coffee beans to many gastronomic establishments or corporate clients throughout the Czech Republic.

There is a 10% discount on consumption for OSTRAVACARD!!! holders.


Laura Coffee - kafeZOOLaura Coffee - kafeZOOLaura Coffee - kafeZOO


Laura Coffee - kafeZOO

Michálkovická 2081/197
Slezská Ostrava

Phone: +420 602 399 644   


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