Papilonia - butterfly house Ostrava

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Experience close encounters with beautiful exotic butterflies from around the world. Each Papilonia is different, and in Ostrava you can explore the mysterious kingdom of butterflies on Robinson's Island.

What can you look forward to?

In the very center of the city on an area of 200 m², you can find out what it would be like to find yourself on an abandoned island full of the most beautiful butterflies on the planet. Imagine you are in the middle of the Pacific, enjoy the tropical climate and let yourself be absorbed by the magical flight of exotic butterflies. And with a bit of luck, you will see the miracle of birth with your own eyes. Butterflies will fly right around you and you can dmire them up close.

Prolong your trip:

If you want to continue exploring, you can visit the Ostrava Museum and learn a lot of interesting things about Ostrava.

Who to visit with?

Anyone who wants to discover the beauty of butterflies and get to know their fascinating life will enjoy the visit.

Concluding curiosities:

  •      most exotic species only live 2-4 weeks
  •      in butterfly season the temperature is 26-27°C and the humidity is up to 80 %
  •      you will find butterflies from every corner of the world here
  •      in addition to butterflies, there are many tropical plants

There is a 20% discount on the entrance fee for OSTRAVACARD!!! holders.

Papilonia - motýlí dům OstravaPapilonia - motýlí dům OstravaPapilonia - motýlí dům OstravaPapilonia - motýlí dům OstravaIlustrační fotoIlustrační fotoIlustrační fotoIlustrační foto

Papilonia - butterfly house Ostrava

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Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

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